FIFA 2005 Online

The manual that comes with FIFA 2005 tells you the basic controls, but here's some advanced controls which can help you take your game to another level.

If you have some controls you think should be added then email them to us and we'll add it to this page.


Low Cross: Double tap lob button
Early Cross (hit the ball into the box from anywhere): Trigger Player Run button + lob
Powered Up Passes: Trigger Player Run button + pass button
High Through Pass: Trigger Player Run and through pass


Chip Shot: Trigger Player Run button + shoot
Fake Shot: R2 (or C on keyboard) + shoot button

First Touch

Knock/flick the ball in when receving: Flick right stick in direction


Step sideways: Right stick down/up while dribbling (not sprinting)
Stepover: Right stick forward while dribbling (not sprinting)
Lift the ball up in the air: Right stick forward while dribbling (not sprinting)
Back-heel and 180 degree turn: Right stick back while sprint dribbling
Knock the ball ahead into space: Right stick and forward direction while sprint dribbling
Lift the ball ahead then accelerate quickly: Quickly move the right stick backwards then forwards
360 degree spin: Quickly move the right stick downwards or upwards, then quickly rotate it (90 degrees) so the right stick points forwards.

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